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Sliding Doors

Our sliding door range provides the most spectacular finish for any building project, with first-class design. We have some of the slimmest sliding doors on the market, allowing for some of the largest glass expanses to be achieved in order to provide maximum, uninterrupted views without sacrificing quality or thermal performance.

Made your way

You can personalise your door down to the smallest detail, making it completely unique and tailored to your needs. We’ll walk you through the personalisation process in collaboration with you and your chosen Mybifolds Partner.

With a glide, you can expand your horizons

Open your door effortlessly as it glides along the specially designed track, allowing the doors to pass each other smoothly – today, tomorrow, and even after years of use.

There are double and triple tracks available, and the configuration you choose will determine which one you get.
The beauty of a slider is that you can position your opening to the left, right, or centre of your space.

Each track is hidden, so no one will get their fingers or toes caught as they explore your inside and outside worlds. It is also possible to enhance the integrated look by recessing the track into the floor for an ultra-sleek flush finish.

Weighted bearings also prevent the doors from moving once they’re in place, adding an extra level of security, and the doors also have a stop function.

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Door Styles

Mybifolds is a one-of-a-kind product that is tailored to your specific size, colour scheme, finish, and accessory needs. Mybifold is pleased to offer our Bi-fold, Sliding, Corner, Single, French and Front Doors.