Introducing the

Origin Fixed Window

Fixed Frame Window

Our Fixed Frame Windows are an excellent choice for adding light to your home or framing a breathtaking view. Indeed, it is for this reason that the fixed frame window is also known as the picture window; it is the ideal frame.

Designed specifically for you

Your home is a place that you can truly make your own, which is why we offer a variety of options for making your windows a reflection of your preferences.

A size to suit your space

There is a fixed frame window to suit every space, with a minimum size of 0.06sqm and a maximum size of 7sqm.

Because this window type lacks an opening element, sightlines can be even slimmer while still maintaining structural rigidity due to the lack of mechanical moving parts.
This means that the OW-70 can have a single fixed frame window up to 4.8sqm and the OW-80 can have a hugely impressive 7sqm window option.

Furthermore, because the frames can be as thin as 38.5mm, you can have a nearly complete wall of glass and uninterrupted views by coupling windows – or fixed windows with doors – next to each other.

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Window Styles

Mybifolds is a one-of-a-kind product that is tailored to your specific size, colour scheme, finish, and accessory needs. Mybifold is pleased to offer our OW-80 Premium, OW-70 Slimline, Fixed frame, Bay, Gable, French and Bi-fold windows.