Introducing the

Origin French Door

Bring some oomph to your space

Our French Doors, a modern take on a traditional style, allow you to flood your home with natural light and take advantage of outdoor views without sacrificing security. French Doors provide the ideal balance of privacy and connection between the inside and outside by combining traditional styling with a modern twist. They are especially useful in areas where space is limited, allowing you to get the most out of your view.

Weatherproof and easily accessible

There are three threshold options available: weathered, non-weathered, and mobility, allowing you to customise how you move through your French Doors. A weathered threshold is ideal if you want your door to provide a seamless link between your indoor and outdoor spaces, keeping the elements out with a 1cm lip. If accessibility is important to you, we also have a mobility threshold available. If your door will be an internal feature, a non-weathered threshold with a completely flush link between your rooms is ideal.

Style combined with security

No matter which threshold option you select, they are all designed to minimise boundaries and reduce tripping hazards, and safety is enhanced with features such as finger safe gaskets and restrictor options. French doors can be specified to open in or out of whatever space they are opening into.

Choose a traditional Georgian look

Take a traditional style a step further by incorporating Georgian bars into the French door, giving it a sense of regency and English heritage. Georgian bars, whether horizontally, vertically, or both, add a sense of classic elegance, while our doors’ slim frames and extensive sightlines ensure a modern look.

We are seeing an increase in Georgian bars being added to every type of home – in fact, once you know what they are, you’ll start seeing them everywhere. If you want to create a look that is in keeping with your home’s history or are required to keep your property’s current style, Georgian bars can provide a sense of rejuvenation and personalisation with a modern touch.

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