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Corner Bi-fold Door

With Corner Bi-fold Doors, you can see what's around the corner...

Some see corners, while others see opportunities. Corner Bi-fold Doors are ideal for enhancing an unconventional layout, complementing certain types of construction, or simply opening up more space in a different way. Corner bi-fold door sets open up your home in a unique way, bringing a truly unrestricted panoramic view.

Choose a traditional Georgian look

With the addition of Georgian bars, you can improve the slim profile frames of your corner bi-folds while also adding a sense of cosiness.
Whether your style is modern, classical, or industrial, adding Georgian bars to your corner bi-fold door can completely transform your space. They can be placed vertically, horizontally, or both – however you prefer.

Georgian bars and corner bi-folds combine to create a modern look with a traditional touch, providing the ideal opportunity to personalise your home while still enjoying vast expanses of glass and light.

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